Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Exciting Announcement

I'm very pleased and proud to announce that I will be working with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Juliano "Banana" Coutinho to help him prepare for his first MMA fight.  Juliano recently placed first in his weight class in grappling at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.  He holds his black belt under Daniel Gracie, and is the owner of The Daniel Gracie Academy of Cape Cod, located in Hyannis, MA.

MMA presents a new challenge to Juliano's conditioning, as it is much more explosive and involves many more muscle groups than the jiu-jitsu that he is used to.  I am excited at the opportunity to help Juliano rise to meet this new challenge.

I will also be working with Juliano's classes to revamp their warm-up process, making it both more efficient and and more sport specific, as well as providing some conditioning work one night a week as part of the class.

Juliano and I are also in the process of putting together plans to expand his studio to include a conditioning room where I will work with both fighters and non-fighters to improve their strength, conditioning and body comp.  There will be times for private sessions, as well as open gym time, with coaching.

Juliano has developed a great environment at his school, and I am looking forward to helping him enhance that even further, while expanding the services he provides to his members.  We are also looking to open the conditioning area up to new members, who may not be interested in the fighting side of the business, but would like to do their strength and conditioning training in a small, supportive, family environment, where expert coaching is provided at no extra charge.

Train smart; eat right!

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