Friday, April 3, 2009

The Tools for Getting Strong

Honestly, this couldn't be any more simple. The number 1 tool for getting strong is the barbell. If you want to get really strong, you can't mess around with this purchase. You are going to need to be deadlifting, cleaning, squatting and pressing. You need a full size olympic bar with the large diameter plates. The 45# plates that come with this bar are going to set you up at the right height off the floor for your deads and cleans, and no other bar is going to support the kind of weight you are going to be lifting a year from now.

The second most important tool for building strength (and this comes before a bench or a squat rack) is a pull-up bar. You are going to need to match all of the pressing strength you'll build with the barbell with some pulling strength.

Once you have your barbell and pull-up bar, you can go ahead and buy yourself a bench and a squat rack. For the novice lifter, these four tools will keep you busy for the next 3-5 years before you even need to think about making another purchase.

Train smart; eat right!

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